Clear Heat Shrink Tubes / pack of 12

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Cir-Kit Heat Shrink Tubes

15mm Length

1/12 Scale 

These small shrink tubes provide an excellent means of connecting 32-gauge wires such as GOW bulb wires together without the use of solder. The shrink tube is simply slid over one of the wires to be joined, the bared wires twisted together, and the shrink tube slid back over the connection. Once in place a very small amount of heat you can use a hairdryer or candle only a small amount is needed  to shrink the tube and create a tight, insulated connection for the wires. The tube measures 1/2" in length and come in a 12pk.The inside diameter is .040" or just slightly larger then the insulation on a GOW bulb wire. The wall thickness is approximately .002" (the thickness of transparent tape). The end result is an extremely small diameter splice once the tube has been heated, giving a very unobtrusive electrical connection. Each tube measures approximately 1/2" long.